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We never get anywhere by continuing to do what has failed.

Success depends on doing basic and necessary things continuously and to perfection.

It defies reason that the HSE and their contracted “service” providers cannot comprehend that adult “clients” with mental health/intellectual disabilities do not “engage” with the “service” because they HAVE mental health/intellectual disabilities!!!

In this country, every child who is accepted into the ranks of Intellectual Disability is meant to have ongoing access to and monitoring by a social worker. To some extent this works.

But on the morning they wake to adulthood that support person is gone unless the individual gets into trouble with the law or worse. Very tragically worse.

Definitions or labelling are no more than administrative tools to simplify record maintenance and budgetary control. They cure nothing but cause enormous harm when relied upon by uncaring, ill-spirited individuals to disguise their incompetence and moral bankruptcy while people, yes people, they are responsible for go uncared for.

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