When you are shown …

When you are shown something what do you see? Do you see what the presenter wants you to see? But how are you to know what it is hoped you will see?

When I look at something, what I see is unique to me. It has to be, because how my mind sees what is viewed by my eyes is a compound of a variety of inputs which automatically and instantly colour and mould the data so what my conscious mind receives is sophisticated package of data made up of the visual seamlessly combined with a critique tailored exclusively for me and truly, relevant to me alone. This will remain my record and impression of what I have seen regardless of the intent of the curator of what I have been shown and will only ever be adjusted on seeing the same again. Indeed the reviewing will almost inevitably result in some such adjustment, perhaps because of something as minor as an altered composition of the audience of the time of day. I may be told what I might expect to see but never what I will see.

Compound, a manipulation of digital images.

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