Points of view.

Points of view.

We are bombarded by opinions from all angles. Some are truly the belief of the lips that speak them but more are bought and paid for by those who would construct belief to their own ends.

We are conditioned to need to belong and seek comfort in common belief, to draw strength from common allegiance and take shelter behind fashion.




I have always liked Mark Rothko’s work. others dismiss it. regardless of liking or loathing it is art and as such has worth which should be viewed and preserved separate and distinct from inappropriate values.

“A Mark Rothko painting sold for $46.5 million at a Sotheby’s auction in New York, an evening in which several records were set including one for a work by German artist Sigmar Polke.

The Rothko work “Untitled, (Yellow and Blue),” measuring 2.42 meters by 1.86 meters (about 8 feet by 6.1 feet) and completed in 1954, had been estimated at between $40 million and $60 million.

The painting was once owned by American socialite Rachel “Bunny” Mellon, according to Bloomberg.

Rothko was one of the most successful and famous artists in America before he killed himself in 1970″ News link

the worth attributable to art is that as far as possible it should be experienced not possessed. to commoditise an artist’s work is to lower it to the grime of common currency. it is difficult in our society dedicated to greed to separate beauty from base commercial values but we must strive, if we are to call ourselves civilized, to compartmentalise. no monetary value can be placed on a loving embrace but it has incalculable worth, so too the privilege of seeing beauty made of our hands as we strive to emulate and explore our nature in all its complexity.